Working as a consultant in software development projects offered the opportunity to work with many different sectors and companies. I gained experience in providing viable and sustainable solutions to customers. I developed the leadership skills necessary to understand their technological needs, create a strategic roadmap, and help teams achieve these goals.


I continued to share my knowledge and experience by mentoring young software developers and DevOps experts. It has been a great source of satisfaction for me to teach them best practices, develop their problem-solving skills, and help them advance in their careers. Mentoring has given me the chance to contribute to the growth of new talent in the industry.


Working as an instructor in software development and DevOps has helped me improve my skills in conveying knowledge in a systematic way. I have given training to students at different levels, interns and in-house teams. Preparing educational materials, conveying technical concepts in a simple and understandable way, and supporting students' success are important parts of my teaching experience.


I have always been interested in new technologies and approaches in software development and DevOps. This interest has given me the opportunity to carry out research projects and to follow the latest developments in this field. As a result of my research, I had the opportunity to use the knowledge I gained to produce workable solutions.



Software Engineer | DevOps Engineer | Researcher | Consultant | Mentor | Instructor

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